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to provide operating subsidies for formerly homeless single adults at the arlington hotel for the time span of august 1, 2012 to july 31, 20207 in an amount not to exceed $9,354,007. supervisor farrell: city staff? >> good morning, supervisors. project manager with the mayor's office of housing. according to the san francisco 10-year planning councils report published in 2004, san francisco had 15,000 homeless persons living on the streets. of those, 3000 were identified as chronically homeless. this presentation is about an important component created to address the homelessness issue. the local operating subsidy program, which is an operating subsidy granted to affordable housing providers who house and provide services to formerly homeless persons and families. the definition of chronically homeless has evolved over the years. moh, along with human services agency and the department of public health use the following definition -- homeless includes any individual or family living on the streets or in abandoned buildings, living in emergency or domestic violence shelters, other emergency
to the mall, the city of arlington put out a list of good spots including long bridge park, air force memorial, iwo jima memorial, rosslyn gateway point. >>> still to come what would the 4th of july be without a hotdog or two or 68? we'll show you the record breaking performance of the nation's hotdog eating contest. >> but first an attack on four mile run trail in arlington has police on the hunt for a suspected rapist, police and their search next. >>> police in arlington are looking tonight for a man accused of raping a woman on four mile run trail last night. the attack happened while she was jogging on the trail near glenn carlin park. a man armed with a knife dragged her from the trail and sexually assaulted her around 8:00. she then ran home and drove herself to the hospital. >> we're used to being on the trail, but i usually stay on during daylight hours. >> police describe the suspect as hispanic, about 140 pounds, between 5' 5 and 6 feet tall. he speaks limited english and has a small head, short black hair, brown eyes and a high pitched voice. >>> just what we don't want to hear, se
a few facts about the arlington. the request is for $9,354,007 for the local operating subsidy which is the operating contract that will carry the project through for 16 years. mercy housing is the sponsor and will own and manage it. construction completed -- will be completed in september of this year. after construction, there will be 153 units. each unit will have a bath and a micro refreshments center. starting with 80 units in 2012 and working up to 129 units over time, the additional unit24 will be subsidized by another dph funding source. tenants will be homeless individuals referred by the program who are high users of the public health system who may be mentally ill, a chronic substance abusers, and/or living with hiv or other disabling medical illnesses. this is just to tell you that this project was able to leverage $10 million in state funding, $12 million in federal funds, and another $840,000 in ahp funds. and without the local operating subsidy to show that the project is feasible, we probably will not have been in a position to secure these funds. this ends my present
. >>> developing tonight, a to possible link between a deadly jewelry store robbery inrob arlington and another in downtown dc. p surveillance images showsh similarity. >> reporter: two recalled ar: robberies, one happened thispene past friday in arlington, andn, left the owner of a jewelry store dead. the other happened june 9 at aa dc jewelry store. the owner contacted the media to get his surveillance video torv the public after he heard about this case. first, the new video from downtown dc. a man wearing a reflective safety vest and hat walked into the jeweler's and asked to see engagement rings. he got away with about $20,000 in diamond rings. compare this guy with photosh from friday's deadly armed robbery in arlington. the robber in that case, also with a reflective safety vestsa and hat.fe the owner of capital july theirs, tommy wong, was killeds during the hold-up. his son tells me tonight he believes if dc police had released the june robbery video as a warning, his father may have been more cautious. did the c jeweler thinks his case was just to run of the mill to merit more attent
. >>> coming up the sexual assault and search for a predator in arlington, more just ahead. hey america, even though they don't need one, wes, clay and demarcus tried on the new depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself. >>> police need your help to find a man who sexually assaulted a woman who was jogging and put a knife to her. it happened last night in arlington near mile marker 44 on the four mile run bike trail. >> reporter: arlington county police say the sexual assault happened here on the four mile run trail around 7:30 p.m. last night. this is near the glenn carlin park entrance on third street and arlington. a female jogger was on the trail. she ran past the man and on the way back he attacked. >> he steps in front of her, brandishes a knife. she's listening to her ipod with earbuds in, subject say is going with a knife right there and -- saying something with a knife right there and our victim takes out her earbuds
is coming to arlington today to campaign for romney. this will happen at 1:30 this afternoon. >> 4:35. brace for grocery prices to go up. >> speculation that central about to do something stimulate the economy. one option they may consider it is low rate what they pay banks. the idea is to make a more lucrative to lend that money out. finished above the 13,000 for the first time since may. right now stock futures are fly .t corn futures are at new highs .his morning it has jumped 60% and may spark global food inflation. i will take a look at who is for all the empty seats at the olympics. reporting for news. >> 73 degrees outside. gas prices once again are heading captioned by the national captioning institute >> 4:39. does get to our with a broad network. leesburg, at 65. -- let's get to our weather but network. 72 in clarksburg. on a way to the upper 80's said sunshine.d amount of you thunderstorms are possible. is not likely you'll get hit by a storm today. chance for showers and tonight. >> traffic is starting to wake up while construction crews are to call a long nigh
on your side. steps in to solve a widow's fight with arlington national cemetery. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks: "misleading, unfair and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clton. so, shame on you, barack obama. [ male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama. >> late monday night and into tuesday, the international space station will continue desperate are russian capsule. it is scheduled to dock 250 miles above the earth delivering an american and japanese astronauts and a russian cosmonaut for a four- month stay. on thursday the space shuttle enterprise is going on the display for the public at the intrepid sea air and space museum in new york. a prototype was lifted into place last month after a flight to the big apple fro
your style, take home your dream droom together. ikea. the life improvement store. >> what arlington police need find this man. a suspected work place massacre foiled. hear from people steps away from where it could have taken place. air force senator rubio. >> live and in hd, this is abc news at 11, underside. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are talking about the arlington jewelry shop. he was killed inside the store. >> take a look. it would have been much busier on a friday afternoon. the is when police say suspected killer struck. hope what he was wearing drop somebody's memory. look at the pictures police are man.g you recognize this sometime around 4:00 friday he entered the capital jewelers on columbia suspected of killing a worker. a long as busy stretch of popular restaurants, it is stunning news, the second arlington in just a week. >> robberies have been all the time. the worker is a 52-year-old man. missingly reported him not come on friday night. was discovered around midnight. nearby business owners said they not see or hear anyth
, hemos estado comiendo, la comida esta buena" condados como arlington en virginia, urgen a los residentes tener precaucion..."o vale la pena exponerse a una intoxicacion, a una comida mala" los alimentos se pueden ingerir si los refrigeradores han estado sin energia por menos de cuatro horas...pero despues de este periodo, son un gran riesgo para la salud... " los alimentos duran en el congelador, si esta lleno el congelador, duran 48-horas, si esta medio lleno el congelador, 24 y la nevera, cuatro horas, es decir, para esta epoca, en estos momentos, la comida ya debe ser desechada" alimentos contaminados pueden causar graves consecuencias... "los alimentos, despues que no estan congelados, que los que tenian en el congelador, crian bacteria o cidef y pueden causar diarrea, vomito y eso puede ser peligroso, ademas del calor que hace la gente no esta bien hidratada" en el distrito de columbia p eden desr los alimentos descompuestos.. empleados dad, eanecolec y Ñana elas siguie elemen mckintechy, secuna e- pe y elemental tres a tard a e de lche...... de otra partea de la noc
in 2014. >>> there is a ceremony going on at arlington national cemetery to bury six airmen that went missing nearly 50 years ago. >> the u.s. military is burying them with full military honors. we get more from sarah simmons. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. the ceremony is going on in another section of arlington national cemetery. but the family members, it's hard for them to believe as well as many other people that it has been almost 50 years since that plane disappeared and finally the family members are going to be able to say their goodbyes this morning. let me give you back story about what happened. this was an air force plane that was nicknamed spooky. it was going on a mission christmas eve of 1965. there were six servicemen, six american servicemen on board. we have some of their pictures. you can take a look on your screen right now. we have four of the six pictures. all of them were on board the plane. it took off from vietnam for a combat mission in 1965. there was reports of some sort of may day signal that came out over loas. there was two d
. >> as the search continues for the man who robbed and killed an arlington jeweler this weekend, we're learning that that suspect may have robbed a d.c. jewelry store 7 weeks ago. tonight, the victim of that robbery says he is lucky to be alive. >> matt jablow joins us live in downtown washington with details. matt? >> reporter: anita, seven weeks ago, ken stein was staring down the barrel of a gun at a robbery at his d.c. jewelry store. tonight in light of what happened in arlington, stein said it's extremely lucky that he wasn't killed. >> on sunday, i called arlington county. >> reporter: ken stein says he was deeply saddened this weekend by the news online and on television that a jeweler in arlington had been killed during a robbery. >> police are searching for the killer tonight. >> reporter: as he followed the story more closely, specifically the description of the suspect. >> he was wearing a neon traffic vest. >> reporter: stein says his sadness turned to shock. >> it was quite startling when i saw the picture. >> reporter: the owner in downtown washington, stein now thinks the man wh
to night. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> a face-off between dominion virginia power and arlington county left 110 customers sweltering in the heat. both sides came together today. >> a lot of activity in this neighborhood since our story aired last night. of here to the left you can see we still have crews working very hard to get the lights back on. they're not quite there yet. six days after the storm and the power is still out in arlington. the hemingways have suffered from hotel to hotel. their return home briefly so their daughter could spend time with their service dog. >> it has been difficult because of the chain -- change of venue. >> they have suffered four days while and dominion power and arlington county remain locked in a standoff. >> we have been trying to get them to meet between arlington county and the dominion. >> dominion would not proceed until the county removed a tree. >> there may have been a delay but it is all about priority. >> after a story about the lack of cooperation and some 100 family struggling in the heat, both counties got going today. dominion went to
and killed in a hit and run accident and arlington. the man was walking near the ramp 4395 when he was hit. police are looking for the car and they want to know what the man was doing on the side of the road. >> if you minutes ago arlington county police released the name of the man killed. he is robert shepard. the other thing police have done, they have put up signs asking anyone for information about what happened this morning. clucks a huge bottleneck where for 10 had to be shut down. >> at this time we believe the only witness was the actual driver who struck the pedestrian. we are still trying to track that individual down and the vehicle used. >> another driver called 91 after seeing the body who had a history of mental illness and was reported as possible danger by his girlfriend two weeks ago. he is believed to be a war veteran and was struck not far from arlington national cemetery. but as it is a tragedy. >> well. i am at a loss for words. >> officers spent hours investigating the accident. the car was going fast. investigators may have to rely on forensics to identify the make
assault and arlington area. what local leaders are doing tonigh >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, on wanted deja vu for local residents. another round of wild weather knocked down trees and flooded homes just days after previous storms did the same thing. good morning, washington. it's thursday, july 19. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. good to be with you. steve rudin has a first check on the forecast. >> we are looking at a warm start to our thursday morning. today will be the 18th day of 95 degrees or better at reagan national airport. 76 degrees right now i dulles airport, 77 in fredericksburg. it's quiet on the doppler radar right now, but you should grab the umbrella as you head out the door just in case you see poppa storms across the area. 88-93. i will probably increase this by couple degrees as we move through the afternoon. 70-78 overnight with showers and thunderstorms expected. tomorrow periods of heavy rain, highs in the mid '80s. >> yesterday's storms had residents saying here we go again. some d.c. residents
is the council's last legislative session before the summer recess. >>> arlington national cemetery has also been hit hard in the recent storms. today clean-up crews got a helping hand from hundreds of landscapers around the nation. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at arlington national cemetery where there are still big trees down after that storm 10 days ago. >> some of them, three or four, were some of the older bigger trees in the cemetery that are 200, 225 years old. >> reporter: these huge trees that date back to before the civil war came crashing down on top of tombstones. >> this damage to the tree is definitely exceeded -- has definitely exceeded that from hurricane irene. >> reporter: local crews are continuing the clean-up. at least today the rest of the grounds are tended to by 400 members of the professional land care network. they've come from all over the country. this is the 16th year they've donated materials, manpower and equipment for their annual renewal and remembrance project. >> we come here to arlington as a people to heal around green plants, as the grass grows. we heal
, arlington and alexandria took the worst blows in northern virginia. dominion crews working late into the night but the work is not good enough for some people. shomari stone is in arlington now. >> reporter: i'm here on highland street in arlington. let me bring you closer to the scene. neighbors say that the wind snapped this utility pole bringing it right here on top of this car and pulling down the power lines. the entire community is in darkness. >> i'm hot. i'm wet. i'm sweaty. >> reporter: the only way you are seeing christine is because of the light on the camera. >> it's nice to have the light. we have nothing. >> reporter: she is one of thousands of people in northern virginia without power after the storm pounded the region. she desperately demand dominion turn the lights on. >> so i don't fall and break my other ankle. it's all -- it's just terrible. it's so dark. >> reporter: help is here. 200 crews from canada arrived this evening. there are 16,000 reports of damaged poles or wires. and around 7,000 still need to be repaired. >> it's kind of the hard work. they will
power is really taking its toll. peggy fox is live in arlington now with more. peg? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, this neighborhood is lucky they just got their power back on. power crews from ontario left about 45 minutes ago and everybody around here had a big smile. let me tell you it's been a rough six days. a cluster of homes here on kenmore street in clarendon have had to do without. they've been using coolers and ice to keep a small amount of food cold. they've been shutting cartons during the day and opening windows at night. this woman was prepared with her battery powered radio and she borrowed electricity from a neighbor who had it to run her fan. outside crews from ontario, canada worked all day today replacing two poles that had crashed down. they were behind the homes and it took a while to get back there and replace those things. one resident used her smartphone for food. >> i had like $9 in cash and i used all of that for gasoline because that was cash only. then i discovered my favorite starbucks over here at virginia square, they were 100% operation. i had the
of an arlington -- employee of an arlington to restore is dead. the body of the employee was found inside the columbia pike store before midnight. arlington police say the suspects were caught here on a surveillance camera and walked into the store at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they want to find out who he is. he is in his 50's and is around 5 feet 7 inches tall. he is wearing a bright colored traffic mess. if you could help investigators identify this man you are asked to give a arlington police a call. >> we have new developments in the case of a maryland man who was allegedly planning and auror-a- style massacre. >> the suspect, neil prescott, is now in the medical center. he has undergone psychiatric investigation. no charges as of yet, but we are learning more about his background including his involvement with guns. it looks like any other suburban d.c. apartment complex. >> it went off -- shook the whole apartment. >> it is what police say they found inside the apartment that has neighbors concerned. >> seeing how many weapons he had, that was disturbing. you never know what somebo
>> work is underway this new to restore power to an arlington county neighborhood after residents made a call to 7 on your side perr. john gonzales joins us from clermont, and they say it involved a dispute between dominion power and the county? >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday at this time the streets have not been touched and now we are here along with everyone else -- the county is here the power company and each brought their own tree removal company. residents say they don't care who fixes it. they just want it fixed. just hours after 7 on your side god and all the power company sent a tree removal crew we just hours before the county did. >> i have not slept in six days. >> for six days, the residents of this arlington neighborhood have been suffering in this oppressive heat without power after the st. ripped up power lines. >> working as hard as we can to make better. i unclad we are starting to see improvement. >> in limbo such like the pieces of utility poles in mid- air, residents have been in a waiting game. >> the county says they cannot move until june it -
this and bring you updates as they happen. 110 open in arlington after a hit and run crash there killed a 62-year-old veteran right back side of arlington national cemetery. this happened before the 395 on ramp. >> arlington county police got the call just before 6:00 a.m. there was reported a man lying on the sidewalk here next to busy 110. there was no sign of a witness or a striking vehicle. a frantic scene unfolded this morning when reconstruction units determined exactly how this man was struck. they try to figure out what he was doing your. >> the individual struck and thrown approximately 50 feet from the point of impact. he was hit at highway speed. >> the man with a history of mental illness was reported missing and in danger from massachusetts. he was a veteran found on the road next to arlington national cemetery. it's unclear if he had visited or planned to. they spoke to a four-man from a number of construction job sites on or around the road. >> this is one of the avenues where he could have been hit by a member of the crew. >> this is the fear of many of the construction workers.
to the city. >> one of the nations most hallowed burial grounds looking good. up next to arlington national cemetery with a look at a special renewal and remembrance project. >>> a new food truck in town. chick-fil-a, will be serving up lunch in different locations. friday is cow appreciation day, those who dress in cow attire will receive free food ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> full honors for remains of six airforce service men lost in laos. that i shall plane went down 47 years ago -- their plane went down 47 years ago, christmas eve, their remains were finally found after 15 years of searching. now remains are buried together in a single casket. >>> over the years this next group of vets and volunteers contributed more than $2 million to the care of arlington national cemetery today, they teemed up with a group of school children for the 16th annual, renewal project. holly morris has the story. >> reporter: there are few places more sacred than arlington national cemetery and today, lawn care professionals have come here to give of their time, materials and their talents to help preserve, thi
on the power issue today as you said. >>> the clean-up also continues at arlington national cemetery which lost several old trees during the storm. this morning cemetery staff got help from hundreds of landscapers from around the country. our kristin fisher has more on the project. >> this is some small way of saying thank you for people that gave their lives so that i could run my business. >> reporter: don derby runs a lawn care company in ohio, but today he's come all the way to arlington national cemetery to help keep these sacred grounds green. he's joined by nearly 400 members of the professional land scare network who are donating materials, manpower and equipment. >> we get to come here and do what we do best for the folks that gave their all and gave us our way of life. >> reporter: this clean-up really came at the perfect time. arlington national cemetery lost 30 huge trees in that big storm 10 days ago. you can see many of them still need to be cleaned up. >> some of them, three or four, were some of the older bigger trees in the cemetery that are 200, 225 years ole. >> reporter:
is live at arlington national cemetery with details. >> good morning. they are getting ready to start the day of service here. they are having the opening ceremony of sorts. we are talking about hundreds of professionals that have come from across the country to give of materials, their time and their service to help keep and preserve the wonderful monument that arlington national cemetery is. we will talk about what is on the docket for today and why they do this, why the mission is important. important. it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new oreo coolatta and donuts today. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>> over the years this next group of vets and volunteers contributed more than $2 million to the care of a national landmark. this m
arlington with more on a possible crime section. >> reporter: yeah, jim, news 4 has learned police are looking into the possibility that this crime is connected to another robbery. it happened in the district last month, and there were some very similar circumstances. tonight, flowers and candles are placed outside an arlington jewelry store where a man who works here was robbed and killed friday afternoon. police are looking for this man, dressed in a neon traffic vest, in connection with the killing. they say the vest may have helped him blend in. >> there's an awful lot of construction going on in the arlington community. we're doing a lot of roadwork so it is not unusual to see workers for safety, most all of them are wearing this type of a vest. >> reporter: the photos of the suspect were taken from surveillance video at capital jewelers on columbia pike, where police believe the victim was killed around 4:00 in the afternoon. his body discovered after relatives called police. he had not returned home from work or answered the phone. the fire department had to break down the d
, the tiniest of breaks no thunderstorms and a little bit of the bayberries. 87 degrees in arlington right now -- a bit of a day breeze. 87 degrees in arlington right now. a little bit cooler across southern anne arundel county. everybody else, mostly in the lower 90's. 91 in frederick. 92 at reagan national airport. humidity levels are under control today. dew point temperatures are down in the 50's. we will stay honey -- sunny and hot through the evening. for the overnight comet it will be -- coovernight, it will be muggy. a whole lot to talk about in just a few minutes. >> the storm damage is widespread throughout maryland virginia d.c. downed trees and power lines continue to cause trouble in the district. >> some developments this afternoon, d.c. public schools will be closed yet again tomorrow. no summer school for 6000 students. we saw branches, and then we saw huge tree limbs all over the place. every single neighborhood has been hit. we are in the upper northwest on newark street. work crews are on their way here, but it has been a busy day. on brandywine street in northwest, it was a
robbery, the killer on the thanks for joining us. >> arlington county police say the crime could be connected to an armed robbery at a dc jewelry store in early all you need to do is compare the surveillance images fromi both crimes to receive the similarities. will thomas is looking at the story. >> reporter: good evening.te the owner of r:a downtown washington jewelry store reached to the media, in a way sounding an he watched coverage over the weekend of an arlington jewelry store orange -- owner killed. the jewelry store owner set the gunman looks like the guy that robbed me at gunpoint in my story, so he hopes releasing the video will help. it was just before closeing time. about 5:00, saturday, june a man wearing a safety vest and hat walked like any other customer. >> i was getting robbed, it was unnerving. >> reporter: the owner ken steio picked up story. >> he said he was for an engagement ring, and i showed him one, turned around to get something else out of the safe, and he pulled --pu >> reporter: all it caught on camera the robber threw st
esto..." claudia uceda/arlington, virginia " la policia de arlington aun no ha logrado identificar a la victima de este accidente y piden la ayuda de la comunidad, y los departamentos de salud urgen a los residentes afectados tener precaucion con los alimentos que han estado en los refrigeradores, y es que despues de horas, estos pueden representar un peligro para la salud... doÑa maria esta sobreviviendo ya tres dias sin electricidad. .. dice que lo imperdonable no solo es el calor en su apartamento...sino tambien tener que botar dinero a la basura... "usted sabe que la comida es dinero, todo es dinero, yo ya estoy retiradam me entiende, todo es gasto" en miles de viviendas afectadas, los refrigeradores ya no estan conservando los alimentos..pero muchos hacen lo imposible para no desecharlos... "las he tenido con hielo, hemos estado comiendo, la comida esta buena" condados como arlington en virginia, urgen a los residentes tener precaucion..."o vale la pena exponerse a una intoxicacion, a una comida mala" los alimentos se pueden ingerir si los refrigeradores han estado sin energia por
are live in arlington with why so many people are are richard >> it is has been another, long, hot day. that is leading to a frustration for those who do not have power. parker's have been working all day but allies are not back on. people here are hoping something will happen fast. 48 hours after the storm ripped through the area, hundreds of thousands are sweating it out. >> the window i can open it does not help at all. downstairs was cooler and it was still bad. >> the branded family is doing the best they can, sitting outside avoiding this on the inside their rockville house. >> today is hotter than yesterday. we sit out here. >> pepco says it could be friday before 9% of customers are back online. leggitt says that is unacceptable. today he joined the governor to check up on the response to the ravaged areas. >> the storm packed a hurricane. but without the hurricane warning. if so crews are arriving here even as we speak. >> in arlington, jon stewart is watching. the power crews have been a lead his neighborhood for two days and nothing. >> they have told us that they might have
if the same man is behind both crimes. investigators in arlington and the district are working. the first robbery happened in june at a jewelry store he nw. the other took place last friday in arlington. a man was killed in the second store. more on the search for the killer. >> 29, -- june 9 a man walks into the store and pulls a gun on the oder, demanding he fill a sack with diamonds. the owner has asked we do not show his face. >> i did not fight him. he said to go in the room and close the door. >> minute he walks out with $20,000 worth of jewelry. now take a look at this. a man suspected of carrying out a dead the highs on friday. both suspects are wearing similar hats and vests and police are investigating if it is the same person. >> the suspect's description released in our video and from their account would -- of what happened are similar. >> the shopkeeper in arlington was killed. a devoted husband and father. >> everything he did was for the family. we had a happy life because of him, all of his hard work. >> his family is hoping somebody will track down the killer. >> if someb
have now identified the victim of this morning's hit and run accident in arlington. he is robert shepherd. police say he was a veteran walking along rte. 110 not far from arlington national cemetery when he was hit. the driver left the scene. investigators say he had a history of mental illness and was reported missing from his girlfriend two weeks ago. >> the search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a woman near a gaithersburg park at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. police say the woman was assaulted in a wooded area. she said her attacker had a knife and was wearing a black knit cap and blue jeans and ran off into the surrounding neighborhoods. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> a massachusetts man charged has worked out a plea deal. prosecutors say he will plead guilty to attempting to damage and destroy a federal building. he was charged in september with plotting to fly remote-control modern planes packed with explosives into the pentagon and u.s. capitol. he faces up to 17 years in prison. what a trial date is set for john leopold. he is accused of mi
bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 4:44. a power struggle kept in arlington neighborhood in the days.ore than five toppled ay's storm tree that brought down power lines and crushed a vehicle. the residents have been waiting of dominion power and the county cannot agree on how to proceed. >> the county says they cannot until dominion gives them permission. cannot repairthey until the trees are moved. dominion sent a supervisor to area and then a tree removal arrived shortly afterwards. have learned the power should on by tonight. dominion says it has been number ofd by a large calls. there is a worry about safety, whether power outages make your to one rockville resident is about her children. >> i don't sleep at night because i hear all this sounds are open.e windows >> we are fortunate to have a generator, but the problem is open, so youre cannot hear if somebody's coming in your house. >> there have not been reports of break-ins outage.he power police have stepped up patrols as a precaution. in one arlington neighborhood took the power stride on independence day. cel
their cars. two others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. arlington leaders have now signed off on a plan to let streetcars to the columbia pike. it will cost more than two and $50 million. -- more than $250 million. >> traffic sharing the road with modern-style streakers. >> i always thought it was a good idea because are lean -- because arlington its unique. >> the arlington county board agree to move forward with an ambitious $250 million plan to bring streakers to the area. >> i think it is a really great. it would really add to the culture. county board agree to move forward with an ambitious>> for a person who doesn't drive, could be good. >> it still has an number of hoops to jump through. planners are hoping federal and state lawmakers camp but nearly -- can foot nearly half the bill. >> it is extremely expensive. >> another obstacle convincing some residents that these cars will not bring added congestions and pedestrian hazards. >> you have to be careful how you cross the street. but>> in just over an hour, leaders will vote over a gas station. the legislation bein
gç> >>> in arlington, virginia crews are attempting to restore power after several utility poles were knocked down in one neighborhood. our peggy fox is standing by with more information. >> reporter: here in northern virginia there are still 170,000 customers still without power. dominion virginia crews are out there working, even if you don't see them in your neighborhood. look at this, this is a tree contractor of dominion's getting in there, trying to untangle those trees from the power lines that the trees in this neighborhood have crashed down upon. we are in south arlington, just south of arlington boulevard, on a street called aberdeen. and this neighborhood, like many neighborhoods, was hard hit. trees came down, utility poles came down. there is something a little bit unique, this is an old neighborhood and we have ken barker, the vice president of customer solutions for dominion and i have been using his cell phone, you may have it back. it is difficult, as you all know at home, if you are able to watch this, lots of service. tell me about the utility poles and how many went down here.
was the volunteer clean-up at arlington national cemetery, but this year they were facing more than the usual beautification project. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at arlington national cemetery where there are still big trees down after that storm 10 days ago. >> three or four were some of the older bigger trees in the cemetery that are 200, 225 years old. >> reporter: these huge trees dating back to -- dating back to before the civil war came crash down on tomb stones. local crews are continuing to clean up which could take weeks. at least today the rest of the grounds are tended to by 400 members of the professional land scare network. they've come here from -- land care network. they've come here from all over the country and this is the 16th year they've donated materials, manpower and equipment from their annual renewal and remembrance project. >> we come to arlington as a people to heal around green plants. as the grass grows, we heal a bit better. for us it's a giant green blanket that's covering our heros and comforting their families and once a year we get to come here and tuc
to rest earlier today at arlington national cemetery. ken molestina spoke to some of his loved ones tonight and is live with their story. ken. >> reporter: yeah, his family and friends say the 23-year-old was full of zest and patriotism for his country. he joined the marines because in his heart, he felt it was the right thing to do. >> he sacrificed his life for us to be doing what we do every day. >> his stepsister along with friends and family gathered for an informal ceremony. they came to remember 23-year- old marine lance corporal, nile cody sears, their friend and their hero. >> an amazing person inside and out. beautiful soul, so much energy. and the kindness person anyone could have ever known. >> earlier in the day, the mood was a lot more somber. [ trumpet sounding ] >> the 23-year-old was layed to rest in arlington national cemetery. he died last month after stepping on an explosive during a dangerous operation in afghanistan. hundreds of those who knew him came to say their good-byes and pay tribute to a young life cut short by war. >> the power of seeing so many
in arlington, those cuts will happen if congress does not act. >> a few hundred employees who work for local defense contractors are rallying to save their jobs and stop massive cuts in their industry. it is called a rally to stop sequestration. it could mean 2 million job losses across the country and about 160,000 job losses in the d.c. area alone. >> i'm here because we are concerned about jobs. more so we are concerned about the security of our nation. >> it was never really meant to be a policy. it was meant to be a hammer. >> virginia governor kept his speech nonpartisan. the looming se sequestration cuts. >> it's unbelievable that we are facing this, this late in the year for something that starts early next year. >> a year ago, congress passed a threatening measure. come up with a plan, but the super committee failed and those cuts are coming january 2 if congress doesn't act. >> this problem goes away with one simple thing. balance. so long as the other side puts revenue on the table, then we'll have a balance of spending cuts and revenue and this problem will evaporate. >> b
in arlington we ran into is using 10 to help her survive or should i say -- technology to help her survive the great summer blackout of 2012. >> i had like $9 in cash and i used all of that for gasoline because that was cash only. then i discovered my favorite starbucks over here at virginia square, they were 100% operation. i had the starbucks appear and money on my phone and -- app and money on my phone and they were the lifesaver. they were my hero. >> there is an app for that. there's good news for jennifer johnson and her neighbors. dominion contractors got their power back online shortly after 5 p.m. today. >>> not everybody is quite so lucky tonight and six days of frustration is boiling over for a lot of folks in the commonwealth. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in arlington county at 23rd and south ginwoody streets where nobody wants to be the last to get power and as there are fewer out ages the frustration mounts. >> it's more than annoyed. >> reporter: tim scotch is running out of patience even as he watches the crews working in his neighborhood. >> intense anger because it took
after he was viciously attacked by a couple of pit bulls in arlington county. tonight, that victim credits his son with saving his life. >> i'm peggy fox at arlington animal control where a pit bull is locked up after it and another pit bull viciously attacked a man in front of his children. the other pit bull is dead after arlington police shot and killed it. >> starts biting me. >> 62-year-old max is covered from head to toe with at least 14 dog bites after being attacked by his neighbor's two pit bulls. >> this is the worse part. >> his oldest son, 17-year-old alejandro heard his little sister screaming and came running to find his dad in the middle of the street being attacked by the dogs. >> they are trying to kill my dad. i have to do something. >> he did what he does so well on the soccer field. he ran. >> i made a quick circle around the house. >> his dad was able to get up and get back inside the pickup. the dogs got off of him because you distracted them? >> one of them tried to chase my neighbor that was right there. >> i thank god that we are here. >> peggy
convicted car thief is that the car they had taken is an arlington police car -- bait car. officers track the car is moving to make arrests. produced art heads.t >> is very useful. one of the best ways to catch somebody to stealing a car. >> i do not think it is deterring anyone from breaking into cars. of using baitars cars come at 80% of the cases are break ins, not fast. the youngest person was 7 years old. do not move. >> gets out of the car. popular restaurants are closing in bethesda, but it is business.e of developers have other plans. people love the restaurants a to see them go. >> that is terrible. >> after 25 years at this bethesda intersection, the to close uporced shop at the end of the month. .> all of my good customers >> one of four bethesda by theant shutting down for a august to make way 17-story condo apartment building. to property is sold developers. losingrs say it is like a family member. is a wonderful restaurant. see its people.e great >> i was just shocked. >> they have been longtime --seholder adhered leaseholders here. >> this is one of my favorite resta
for a killer. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. arlington police say 52-year- old tommy wong was murdered inside capital jewelers friday afternoon during an armed robbery. they found his body yesterday after family members say he never came home from work. police aren't saying how he died, but have released photos of the suspect taken from security cameras. >> i hope they find him -- >> turn him in. >> could have taken what he needed from us and left our father alone. i wish that was the case. i'll give everything in the world to have him there. >> a source familiar with the investigation says the security video did capture the actual murder of wong. arlington police have gotten tips from the photos, but so far, no arrest. >>> u.s. park police have released a sketch of a man wanted for sexually assaulting a woman on a trail. police say a man who looks like this attacked a woman as she was jogging on the capital crescent trail tuesday night. he choked her until she passed out. when she woke up, she screamed and he ran off. >>> the call for tougher gun restrictions has grown louder. in a ra
. the owner of capital jewelers was found dead on columbia pike in arlington yesterday. as darcy spencer reports, police are still trying to figure out if this killer has struck before. >> reporter: flowers and candles are placed outside an arlington jewelry store where a man was robbed and killed friday afternoon. police are looking for this man, dressed in a neon traffic vest in connection with the killing. they say the vest may have helped him blend in. >> there's an awful lot of construction going on in the arlington community. we are doing a lot of road work so it's not unusual to see workers and for safety most all of them are wearing this type of a vest. >> reporter: the photos of the suspect were taken from surveillance video at capital jewelers on columbia pike. that's where police believe the victim was killed around 4:00 in the afternoon. his body discovered after relatives called police. he had not called home from work. the fire department had to break down the door to get in. >> it's infortunate. >> reporter: police are only describing the victim as a 52-year-old man from h
heard about the incident last friday. an arlington jeweler killed during an armed robbery. as you're about to see, the suspect in both cases looks similar. first, let's show you the d.c. robbery. a man wearing a reflective vest walked into benson's jewelers on f street and asked to see engagement rings. when the owner of the store turned his back, the man pulled the out a large gun and demanded jewelry. he didn't shoot the owner and got away with $20,000 worth of items and mostly diamond rings and look at surveillance images from the arlington case last friday. the police showed him wearing a reflective vest. he was buzzed into the store by the owner. wong's family said that is how he allowed customers inside the store and the 52-year-old was killed during this robbery. we spoke with ken stein, the owner of benson's in washington, d.c., and is trying to figure out why d.c. police didn't release the surveillance video of his armed robbery. >> it's armed robbery and they happen all of the time and was not shot or wounded or hurt in any other way. i don't think that they put it out t
. this is a fantastic program. the arlington is a fantastic project, so this contract deserves our support. the federal resources available to support supportive housing are simply insufficient to meet the needs of creating projects, creating units for homeless people in san francisco. san francisco would not be of the meet its goal of ending chronic homelessness without this program. the program also saves city money, because i supported the local operating subsidy, we're able to put people in high quality housing at a lower cost than it would be to leave the homeless. i urge you to support the local operating subsidy program and specifically to support the contract for the arlington losp. thank you very much. supervisor farrell: thank you. next. >> good morning. i am a senior project manager at the tender would -- the tenderloin in a neighborhood association. i want to give strong support of the losp than the 10-year plan to end chronic homeless is. we are a nonprofit development organization. we total about 2300 units. we have nearly 100 formerly homeless households in the tenderloin and the mission
website, >> a murder at an arlington jewelry store. the men wanted in that crime may be wanted in another robbery. >> let's start with this particular incident in the district. it was very brazen officers were crossed the street investigating something else when the suspect walked into that store. june 9 4:40 1:00 p.m., at the walks into benson's jewelry store and points a handgun at the honor. -- at the owner. >> he recounted the encounter with the thief who may now be a killer. the store surveillance camera shows that the demanding the owner to fill a small back with diamonds. >> he said to go in the room and close the door, and i said for how long? >> he casually walked outside with $20,000 worth of jewelry in hand. both robberies happened after 4:00 p.m. and both suspects war florescent best -- wore florescent vests. >> the counts are very similar. >> 52-year-old tommy wong was killed in friday's robbery. there was no doubt in the mind of the owner at the northwest to restore. >> it certainly looks like the guy. >> the arlington police department sent out an alert to other
-- airmen. family members were on hand at arlington national cemetery. the men were all on board a plane that crashed in laos on christmas eve, 1965. a two-day search at the time turned up nothing. the first remains were uncovered at the end of 2010. >> after almost six weeks of steny of to man and nature -- of standing up to man and nature, an arlington tree is now gone. it might have been arlington's oldest tree. the champion post oak on 11th street and interstate 65 dated back to the mid 18th century. they are preserving part of the tree. >> the storms were rocking the area overnight. at least it is finally cooler. >> a lot of people escaped the big storms. they wrote to the west and south. it is all gone. let's enjoy what we have what we have it. very comfortable conditions outside. this is from the high school. a very threatening sky. these are the overnight thunderstorms that move from west to east across the area. a bit drier air moving in from the northeast. it has turned into a beautiful afternoon. not only in the arlington area, but many -- many places in the area. look at fred
picious deaths. a man and woman were found dead inside of an arlington apartment. >> this was all happening at the park sherrington apartments behind us here. police have blocked off the entrance way to the apartment buildings. this is about one dozen police officers on the scene. here is what we know so far. just before 3:00 we are told a family member came home and discovered two bodies, that of a man and women and they are calling them suspicious deaths. they're focusing on this apartment building and a dumpster behind it. they are going through the dempster as we speak. we have seen them interviewing three people who live in the apartment. not a lot of information is released. is early in the investigation. we saw them going into evidence collection equipment. they are getting started on this. neighbors are beginning to get home and seemed stunned this is happening. we will stay on top of it and have the details as soon as we know them. >> keep us posted out there. thank you very much. meanwhile thousands of people took their message to end aides straight to the white house to
at 1-866-411-tips. >>> an arlington man is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls. his son saw what happened in front of him yesterday afternoon. it happened near walter reed drive in south oakland street. the 40-year-old man was getting out of his truck when the dogs jumped him. a neighbor called 911 after hearing the man's son scream for help. police found the dogs in a nearby town house. one of the dogs as shot and killed after it charged a police officer. the other dog was captured and taken to the animal welfare league of arlington. we are told that the man suffered bites to both arms. >>> officials have declared the crisis in syria a civil war. randall pinkston shows us why residents caught in the cross fire say the violence is getting worse. >> reporter: intense gunfire can be heard across damascus in new video posted online from syria. residents say it is the worst fighting since the uprising against president assad began 17 months ago. assad's forces controlled the capital but residents are battling his troops in the suburbs. the international red cross classifies
. >>> a developing story from arlington, police areolic investigating two suspiciouso disease. officers were called to the parh shelton apartment after somebode found a woman's body. when he officials arrived, they found a male body. watching for some potentialpo severe weather in the meantime in the area. let's get to sue. >>> we're kipling a cloaks eyeki on radar, so far, so good., we've had soa couple warnings, o damage reported. straight to radar. to and we will have to continue too watch radar for a few more hours, but as i put this in motion, we really don't see much until you get to about culpeper, most of the energy south, briefly, we had severese thunderstorm warning forunde montgomery county, that has been dropped so there is lightning,li maybe you'll get some winds gusting to 40-50 with some storms coming through, and wehr will continue outo have a severe thunderstorm watch untilun 8:00 tonight, but we expect northern portion of that willf thget dropped. quick check of radar. most of the clusters of lightning are now in central virginia. these heavier showers and storms clobbering richmo
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